We’ve invested to improve your aesthetic consultation

//We’ve invested to improve your aesthetic consultation

At RejuvenateYourSkin we take patient safety extremely seriously and like to ensure that the patient consultation experience is as professional as possible.

Consultation with RejuveNotes

This is why we have invested in developing an application for a tablet, RejuveNotes, to streamline your aesthetic consultation, cut the paperwork and provide Dr Lauzel with a structured process in order to follow all the important stages of your consultation and treatment.

When you have treatment for Botox or fillers with Dr Lauzel at RejuvenateYourSkin, a comprehensive questionnaire will be first filled on the tablet to record the important elements of your medical and aesthetic history and make sure you can safely received the proposed treatment. The consent forms are also digitally signed on the tablet.

Photos will be taken with the tablet to record your treatment and evaluate the results at any future appointments.

Dr Lauzel  is able to draw and record on your photo  on the screen all your precise injection points  with the precise product and quantity of injected.  This injection record is essential for fine tuning or improving the treatment at any subsequent consultations.

All your patient information and treatment records are kept safely and securely in one place, and are easily accessible for discussion during your next visit.

So far Dr Lauzel has used RejuveNotes in over 1000 consultations and his patients love it, as they feel far more involved in their actual treatment. .  Using  the RejuveNotes application means the focus is on you, and not pieces of paper.

We take your treatment seriously. It’s the little things that make a big difference.


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