How can I look younger without looking ‘done’?

//How can I look younger without looking ‘done’?

When I look in the mirror I see an ‘old’ face looking back at me. What can I do to look younger without looking ‘done’?

This a question I am often asked by patients. Well, I am a strong believer in any treatments resulting in my patients looking better. I believe the reaction my patients can have from family , friends and colleagues is ‘You’re looking good/ well/ terrific’ and NOT ‘what have you had done? !

When it comes to wrinkles, muscle relaxing injections such as Botox can freeze muscles to prevent wrinkles . For loss of volume, fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm can plump up nose to mouth lines, uplift the corners of the mouth, add volume to cheeks and plump up lips and fill smokers lines.

If you take the time to discuss with your aesthetics practitioner the results you want to achieve, and build up a good long term relationship, you should be able to work together on a treatment plan to ensure that you can achieve the best, natural looking results for you. A good practitioner is like an artist – and Da Vinci did not paint the Mona Lisa in one sitting!

If you have not had Botox or filler treatments previously, start slowly. Don’t feel pressured to have lots of treatments at once. You may think you are in need of Botox for wrinkles, and fillers for nose to mouth lines or lip enhancement, but start with the area of your face that concerns you the most. If you do want more treatment, then build up slowly.

You may find that enhancing one area of your face makes you less self-conscious of other areas of concern. Less can sometimes be more when it comes to facial aesthetics.

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