How Botox can treat excessive sweating

//How Botox can treat excessive sweating

Most people associate Botox* with anti-wrinkle injections.  It also has another very effective application- preventing excessive sweating ( or hyperhidrosis) of the underarm.

Summer is the season most of us look forward to, but for those who suffer from excessive sweating, the warmer weather can be a nightmare. When anti-perspirants aren’t enough, and changes of clothes throughout the day impractical, there is an alternative. For many people who suffer from excessive underarm sweating , it can easily treat the problem with Botox injections.
The treatment is quick and relatively pain free, consisting of a  series of superficial injections in the underarm area and only takes about 30 minutes. Typically it lasts for up to 7 months.

So how does Botox work in preventing excessive sweating?

Much in the same way as Botox is used in wrinkle prevention by relaxing the contraction of the facial muscles thus preventing the skin from wrinkling, for hyperhidrosis,  Botox  blocks the action of the sweat producing glands in the underarms thus preventing perspiration.

The treatment doesn’t interfere with your normal day, yet can provide months of relief from excessive sweating and is effective for both men and women.
A safe and increasingly popular treatment giving excellent results, Botox can resolve this common yet still embarrassing problem.

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* Botox is a registered trademark of  Allergan

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