How Botox can Improve Drooping Mouth Corners

//How Botox can Improve Drooping Mouth Corners
One problem often encountered in medical aesthetics is the downward drooping of the corners of the mouth, resulting in a permanently ‘sad’ expression.
In most cases this is due to a lost of volume in the skin below the corners of the mouth, which in most cases can be successfully treated with fillers.  But in some instances the downward pull of the mouth corners can be caused by a tightness of the Triangularis muscle which connects the mouth corners to the lower jaw which as a result pulls down the corners of the mouth.
 As shown in the before/after pictures below, Botox can give good results by relaxing the triangularis muscle, reversing the droop and therefore straightening the corners of the mouth.  Result? A ‘happier’ looking mouth!

Before Treatment

After Treatment

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