Does your skin need a boost this winter?

//Does your skin need a boost this winter?

Cold air outside and the drying effect of central heating inside can have a drying effect on your skin. At times using serums and moisturisers aren’t enough to combat the effect of the elements on your skin. One option to replenish your skin is to have a skinboosting treatment such as Restylane Vital, which helps rehydrate the skin and boost the skin’s own collagen.

A series of micro – injections delivers small amounts of hyaluronic acid (the hydration and collagen boosting product) deep into the skin. Generally a course of 3 treatments is recommended in the first instance, with an annual single treatment to maintain the effect.

As well as hydrating, Restylane Vital helps to minimise fine lines, improves the skin’s elasticity and helps the skin to look more youthful and ‘dewy’.

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