Beware of cheap botox treatments

//Beware of cheap botox treatments
Is there such a thing as a ‘cheap botox treatment’? I frequently receive calls from people saying they have seen botox advertised at incredible prices. But is there a catch? Quite possibly.


Anti-wrinkle injections have become so commonplace, that it is easy to forget that botox is in fact a prescription drug. It should only be administered by a medical professional following a proper consultation. When comparing prices you need to be clear as to who is providing your treatment and what’s included.


Is there a proper consultation? There should be a consultation with the medical professional prescribing your treatment.
Are they using genuine products from a reputable UK pharmacy? (don’t be afraid to ask, your personal safety should come first !)


How many units of botox do they use for your treatment? (note: individual doses vary per patient , precise doses are determined at your consultation). You may be paying less for fewer units giving a shorter lasting effect, therefore needing more frequent treatments. So over the course of a year your botox treatments could cost considerably more.


It’s also important , where prices are advertised by number of areas treated, to be sure how ‘areas of botox’ are defined. I had one patient recently who had previously contacted a practitoner who advertised 3 areas of botox for £200. In reality the 3 areas advertised were what most practitioners class as only 2, and in fact did not include crows feet. Most reputable practitioners would class crows feet, between the eyebrows and forehead as 3 areas . The cost of this patient’s treatment including crows feet, would in fact have been far higher than £200 advertised. Again, don’t be afraid to ask the question! You don’t want to arrive at your appointment only to find the cost of your treatment has hidden elements.


Does your botox treatment include a follow up? Again , it is a medical procedure, and you should be confident that your practitioner will follow up after your treatment, and offer a consultation and a top up if necessary.


‘Cheap’ botox may not be the best option for you once you’ve asked all the right questions.

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