A Natural Look Can be Achieved with Botox

//A Natural Look Can be Achieved with Botox

Many people still compare the effect of botox to the ‘frozen’ faces of many celebrities, seemingly unable to show any expression. But, by working with the right practitioner, you can achieve a far more natural looking effect.
By relaxing the muscles in the face Botox tackles the wrinkles generated by these muscles but as a consequence reduces movement and therefore facial expressions such as  frowning, raising your eyebrows etc.  By adjusting the amount of botox injected, the level of muscle movement can also be varied.
Rather than eliminate all wrinkles completely, a far gentler effect can be achieved, where the lines are dramatically softened, but the face can still be very expressive.
A good aesthetics practitioner will discuss with you the look you want to achieve, and the amount of facial movement you wish to retain. Based on your consultation, they can then determine the right amount of botulinum toxin required to give the desired effect.  The wrinkles will be greatly diminished but you should still be able to look natural when smiling or frowning. The goal is for you to look fresher faced not frozen faced!

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